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Welding Reels

Hannay welding reels get the job done fast.

Series SWCR/CR: The SWCR/CR are arc welding reels in power or manual rewind, to handle #2 through 4/0 cable to 400 amps rated rotary electrical device. Instant use with any cable length unwound and is for use with single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead.

The SWCR/CR arc welding reel provides a quick connection to your welder, and gear driven crank rewind. The chain and sprocket are powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor or spring rewind.

Series TWCR: The TWCR are a dual arc welding reel with manual rewind designed to handle #1 through 4/0 cable to 400 amps, grounding and arc welding leads on the same reel unit. There are two spools to hold separate lengths of welding cable with a 400 amp rotary electrical device for instant and constant use.

Series N400: The N400 is a gas welding reel, spring rewind to handle twin welding hose.

Series 2400: The 2400 is a gas welding reel, with maual or power rewind to handle twin welding hose.

For the complete range of Hannay hose reels click our catalogue link below.

Count on Hannay Welding Reels for:
- Arc Welding
- Gas Welding
- Cutting Operations

Welding Reels

welding reels catalogue

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