Another Australian First In Reel-technology: Flat winder technology

Reel-tech is one of Australian’s leading designers and manufacturers and Suppliers of patented Safer Hose Reel Technology for Mining, Fire-rescue and Heavy Industrial applications.

Reel Tech- Hannay is a major supplier of hose and cable reel technology to the Fire Services, Rescue and Mining industries. Their range of fire and rescue reels incorporates many patented features to make fire fighting safer and are used very extensively throughout many metropolitan and rural fire services.

Reel Tech’s Engineering team has devised the Flat Winder system for more reliable and consistent hose layering. This advanced technology enables easy payout and requires less personnel for hose storage duties. Most importantly, it can be retrofitted to any Hannay Reels regardless of spool width, all achievable without costly modifications.

The Hannay- Reel Tech Flat Winder™ technology has served a local Fire service, citing cost-effective solutions as the main criteria for selecting a Reel. Combining the robustness of Hannay Hose Reels and Reel Tech’s Flat Winder Technology, Fire service companies can now have more retrofitted options and benefits added to their reels with no complications.

One of the challenges the engineering team successfully overcame was to tailor an unconventional width for the compact reel to fit in the back of the vehicle. The final product was customized to fit perfectly and painted an all-white to match the vehicles they were mounted on.

The Flat Winder™ system, offered on any Hannay Reel for many industries and opportunities such as Fire, Rural Weed Spray, Fuel Handling and many more. Hannay Agents and distributors worldwide can also look forward to the system provided as a kit for retrofitting.