Chemical Spray Hose Reel

Trust Reel Tech to Provide Your s from Hannay and Reel Tuff Is your business in the market for a chemical spray hose reel Figuring out a safe way to handle corrosive, flammable, toxic or otherwise dangerous chemicals on a job site is no easy feat At Reel Tech, we have experience serving and... ... read more.

Diesel Hose Reels

Reel Tech: Your Source for Heavy-Duty At Reel Tech, we are proud to offer a range of diesel hose reels, including AdBlu hose reels, which are ideal for fuel delivery and refuelling applications Clients have put our reels to the test out at sea, in the mines and elsewhere—always to terrific... ... read more.

Lay Flat Hose Reel

How Should You Select a In applications as diverse as firefighting, marine, defence, de-watering and mining, the right hose makes a difference — and a lay flat hosereel designed to work with the tools you use is just as important At Reel Tech, we have years of experience in supplying our... ... read more.

Static Grounding Reel

Purchase Your from Reel Tech At Reel Tech, we’re one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty reels in Australia and New Zealand In addition, our static grounding reel is one of our best-selling solutions We serve industries ranging from mining to defence Whatever your needs, we can... ... read more.