Reel Tech: Your Source for Heavy-Duty Diesel Hose Reels

At Reel Tech, we are proud to offer a range of diesel hose reels, including AdBlu hose reels, which are ideal for fuel delivery and refuelling applications. Clients have put our reels to the test out at sea, in the mines and elsewhere—always to terrific effect.

Problems Diesel Hose Reels Address

Most clients who come to Reel Tech seeking hose reels for diesel fuel delivery or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) are seeking robust, heavy-duty solutions to major hurdles or pain points. Here are a few of the problems we have been able to solve with our diesel hose reels over the years:

  • Offshore fuel delivery challenges. Offshore fuel delivery is difficult even if everything goes right. Serving marine industries, transport and mining fields, we are often asked to provide hose reels that can handle large-diameter refuelling hoses, while also standing up to a corrosive environment. Moreover, since these hoses are expected to deliver a high quantity of fuel in a short period of time, our marine clients require hose reels that can minimise the pressure drop that usually comes with a coiled hose. Finally, the reel needs to be safe and easy to operate. We are proud to say that Reel Tech’s Remote Control Trunk Mounted Diesel Delivery Hose Reel meets each of these challenges with aplomb.
  • Safe handling of DEF. Diesel exhaust fluid is a highly corrosive, urea-based solution which needs to be handled safely and securely in any scenario where it manifests. Reel Tech carries multiple diesel exhaust fluid hose reels built to meet transportation regulations for handling DEF and other diesel emissions.

Put simply, no matter the challenges your business is facing regarding the transfer, delivery or handling of diesel fuel or diesel fuel emissions, Reel Tech has a hose reel designed to meet those challenges head-on.

What You Can Expect from Reel Tech

When you work with Reel Tech for your diesel or DEF hose reel needs, you can expect us to reach for excellence in every category of our services. Here are a few of our top commitments to our customers:

  • A commitment to safety. The right hose reel will not only increase the efficiency of whatever you are trying to do but will also set new standards for safe operation and use. Reel Tech is all about safety, from the way our reels keep your hoses from becoming tripping hazards, to the features of each reel that ensure safe application.
  • A commitment to meeting your specific needs. Every industry has different requirements when it comes to hose reels. Rather than serve just one niche, we want to be the hose reel supplier for all of them. As such, if we don’t have a product in our stock that can meet your requirements, we will customise one for you.

About Reel Tech

Reel Tech is based in Australia, but we also have branch offices in New Zealand. We are members of the Spray Nozzle Engineering group and the exclusive distributor of the Hannay Reels brand in Australia. We also design and build an array of reels for the industries we serve. If you have any questions about diesel fuel delivery hose reels or diesel exhaust fluid hose reels, we are the people to answer them. Contact us today to learn more.