How Should You Select a Lay Flat Hose Reel?

In applications as diverse as firefighting, marine, defence, de-watering and mining, the right hose makes a difference — and a lay flat hosereel designed to work with the tools you use is just as important. At Reel Tech, we have years of experience in supplying our partners across multiple sectors with high-quality hardware that allows for easier, safer, and faster hose storage, even for lay-flat varieties.

Tips for Selecting a Lay Flat Hose Reel

In the world of firefighting, the right tools make all the difference. Even a matter of a few minutes can mean a massive change in the outcome of a firefighting operation, and the right hose reels are therefore an essential part of the job. To ensure you find the right solution:

  • Match your reel to your needs. As both an authorised Hannay retailer and a provider of our own patented Fire Dog™ hose reels, Reel Tech has ergonomic solutions designed to suit a variety of firefighting applications and hose types. Be prepared for the job at hand with equipment designed for the task.
  • Look for durability and quality of construction. You should expect to receive plenty of value from your investment through continued faultless operations. The more well-built your reel is, the more likely your team will have the ability to jump into action without delay to save lives and property.
  • Select appropriate reel accessories to make storage even more convenient. The Reel Tech Flat-Winder™ is an excellent example. This accessory attaches to any of the firefighting reels we provide and ensures proper storage without human intervention in the process.

The Benefits of Choosing Reel Tech

With these helpful tips in mind, why should you rely exclusively on our reeling products? There are several key advantages to using our hardware. With a Fire Dog™ reel, you can:

  • Create a safer work environment during the winding and storage of hoses. Handling injuries are common, especially in high-stress situations that require rapid deployment and storage. With clear handling instructions and built-in guides, these reels make it faster and safer to start fighting a fire.
  • Enjoy high-end products that exhibit true durability over repeated heavy use cycles, even for industries as intensive as firefighting. Eschewing plastic for aluminium and steel, our products last even through years of substantial activity.
  • Direct access to sales support to assist you in not only selecting the correct hardware but in maintaining it over the long term. Not sure what you need? Simply reach out and ask our friendly team. We’re ready to help.

Why is Reel Tech a Cost-Effective Choice for a Lay Flat Fire Hose Reel?

Answering this question is as easy as re-considering the benefits listed above. Better safety means fewer on-the-job injuries and the myriad costs associated with them. The durability of our products delivers consistent performance and ensures you do not need to replace broken reels continually. These benefits, combined with our industry know-how, allow us to ensure your firefighting outfit can make the most of its investment. Explore these products now or contact us to enquire about our custom storage reels.