Reel Tuff Hose Reels

Weed spray hose management remote control hose reel

If you are looking for the longevity and reliability in your weed spraying hose storage, look no further than Reel Tuff Remote Control Reels. Highest quality galvanised construction will continue to work alongside with you in all weather conditions. Ideal for use in both low and high pressure spraying duties in Golf Courses, Council Parks, Urban Landscapes and Roadside Care.

With ergonomic and safety features like Reel-In-ControlTM Remote and Safe-R-ReelTM maintenance free Non-Belt/Chain Direct Drive System as standard, the Reel Tuff reels are designed for both professionals and owner-operators alike.


Reel Tuff Hose Reels

The Reel Tuff reel is a world-patented, all Australian designed and manufactured direct drive hose reel. Featuring unmatched flexibility in size and capacity, adaptable Reel-In-Control remote and a unique Non-Belt/ Chain Safe-R-Reel gearbox that ensures a controlled speed during rewind. It offers superior craftsmanship and quality galvanised construction, which has been proven to withstand some of the harshest environments in Australia.

Reel Tuff Hose Reels can be easily installed to many vehicles with 12V power supply including Utes, ATV’s, Golf Buggies, etc., and can be customised to suit your specific needs. Use as a single unit or in a mirrored configuration for dual independent hose reel setup allowing multiple operators to cover large areas in half the time. Use Reel Tuff Hose Reels with your spray equipment to enjoy the outstanding safety features, and achieve more spraying in less time and effort than conventional methods using manual reels. Benefit from the Reel-In-Control automatic hose rewind at a single press of a button, and the motor drive capable of safely retrieving the hose even at full extension. Contact us to find out more about Reel Tuff hose reels.

Product Part Number Width (mm) Height (mm)* Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
100m Reel 147-ERT15-220-650TGS3K-12V-SSI 445 695 680 55
50m Reel 447-ERT15-220-475TGS3K-12V-SSI 445 545 565 45

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Rewind Type

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  • Hot Dip Galvanised Finish
  • 12V (DC) Powered Reel
  • Quick Change Hub System
  • Reel-In-ControlTM Long Range Remote Control
  • 100m & 50m Reel Models (available custom lengths)
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Easy Mount Compact Modular Design (fully upgradable)
  • Patented Maintenance Free Non-Belt/ Chain
  • Safe-R-ReelTM Direct Drive System

Note: Spray Gun & Hose Sold Separately. (Available as complete package.)

Features Benefits
50m or 100m ReelsOptional
1/2” (12.7mm) O.D. and other width capacity are are available upon request Hose and Spray Gun sold separately.
Ideal for roadside spraying and/or lawn maintenance of any size including parks, golf courses and urban landscapes.
Easy Mount Compact Modular Reel Design
Fully customisable reel system. Choose from many optional features and accessories. Reel Tuff Mounting Dimensions
Reel Tuff Mounting Dimentions
Reels can be tailored specifically for the application to suit either new or after-market installations. Available options include: Lightweight Aluminium construction Various drive options including 24V (DC) Electric, Air or Hydraulics Auxiliary Manual Crank Rewind EZI-DEPLOY™ – Auto De-clutching System FlatWinderTM – Automatic Hose Layering System Various Brake Systems and much more.
Full Disc Call-out Colour Decals
Customisable decals available upon request
Decals can be colour coded or designed to your specifications.
Hot Dip Galvanised
Hot Dip Galvanised Discs & Frame as standard feature.
Offers superior corrosion and weather protection with ultimate scratch resistance over painted or powder coated reels.
Comes standard to eliminate accidental unspooling of hose.
Positive locking of spool safely keeps hose & spray gun tightly on the reel when not in use and/or during transit.
Wireless Long Range Remote Control comes standard.915 MHz for AU921 MHz for NZ
Featuring frequency hopping technology which offers powerful and reliable connection. Provides interference or jamming immunity in various undulating terrains. Allows for up to 8 transmitters to be used in the same area.
Safe-R-Reel™ Direct Drive System
Reel Tech’s patented ‘Non-Belt/Chain’ Safe-R-Reel™ gearbox as standard feature.
Ensures a controlled speed during rewind. The Non-Belt/Chain design makes it most reliable and safe with no maintenance required.
Stainless Steel Fluid Path
High Pressure Full Flow Swivel at no extra cost.
Ensures minimum pressure drop across the reel. Can be used with most types of chemicals, including herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, etc.


  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Discs & Frame is superior to paint or powder coat finishes providing ultimate resistance to corrosion
    and scratches.
  • Quick Change Stainless Steel Swivel & Riser ASM offers corrosion resistant fluid path suitable for use with many aggressive chemicals.
  • Electric Safe-R-ReelTM Non-Belt/Chain Direct Drive System offers more reliable and safer working conditions. This patented gearbox eliminates the use of chains, belts and sprockets that require regular maintenance.
  • Heavy Duty Thick Gauge Steel Construction for stability and strength.
  • Cantilevered Spool Hub direct coupled to self-contained gearbox offers easy spool removal and is effectively maintenance free.
  • 12V (DC) High Torque electric motor direct coupled to patented gearbox.



  • Remote Control: Single channel remote control (915 MHz for Australia & 921 MHz for New Zealand) with Adaptive Frequency Hopping prevents interference and offers reliable performance across undulating terrain. Rubber-sheathed for extra protection. Supplied fitted with 9V battery.
  • Reel Mounted Controls: On/Off power switch and manual override momentary push-button for hose retraction.
  • Brake System: Spring loaded Pin-Lock with ratchet mechanism keeps hose safely on the reel and prevents hose or spray gun damage in transport.


Hose Connections

  • Stainless Steel fluid path with high pressure swivel
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1/2” NPT Female connections
  • Hose Capacity: Either 50m or 100m of 1/2” (12.7mm) O.D. Hose

Direct Drive

Direct Drive Hose Reels are designed and assembled in Australia with the field proven backing of the largest reel manufacturer in the world. Heavy duty design for the most demanding conditions in any industry.


  • No chains, no sprockets, less moving parts, therefore, increase safety
  • Air or Hydraulic Rewind with the unique “Direct Floating Drive” system
  • High-quality materials ideal for heavy duty applications
  • 4-way Hose Roller Guide
  • Standard 90o Swivel Inlet / Outlet
  • Full flow fluid path for minimum pressure/flow loss

Optional features:

  • Stainless Steel Full Flow Hub
  • Vertical Swing Roller Arms
  • Pneumatic Brake Kit
  • Pneumatic Control Valve Kit

Product Series

Direct Drive Air DDA N700 series


  • To handle 1/4”-1/2” I.D hose
  • ½” Female NPT Threads
  • Standard pressure to 344 bar / 5000 psi – available up to 690 bar / 10,000 psi
  • Temperatures from -7oC to +204oC (Consult factory for other pressures & temperatures) 


  • Lubrication
  • Water Wash Down
  • Compressed Air
  • High Pressure Grease

Direct Drive Air DDA N700 series


  • To handle 3/4”-1” I.D hose
  • 1” Female NPT Threads
  • Standard pressure to 275 bar / 4000 psi – available up to 413 bar / 6,000 psi
  • Temperatures from -7oC to +204oC (Consult factory for other pressures & temperatures)


  • Oil / Water / Air
  • Bulk Grease Transfer
  • Coolant
  • Fuel Delivery

Direct Drive Air DDA N900 series


  • To handle 1- 1/4”-1-1/2” I.D hose
  • 1-1/2” Female NPT Threads
  • Standard pressure to 41 bar / 600 psi – available up to 69 bar / 1,000 psi
  • Temperatures from -7oC to +204oC(Consult factory for other pressures & temperatures)


  • Oil / Water / Air
  • Oil & Waste Evacuation
  • Hi-Flow Fluid Transfer
  • Fuel Delivery


Hannay DDA-N700 datasheet
Hannay DDA-N800 & 800 datasheet
Hannay DDA-N900 & 900 datasheet



Download Reel Tuff™ Datasheet


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