Purchase Your Static Grounding Reel from Reel Tech

At Reel Tech, we’re one of the leading suppliers of heavy-duty reels in Australia and New Zealand. In addition, our static grounding reel is one of our best-selling solutions. We serve industries ranging from mining to defence. Whatever your needs, we can deliver–call us to learn about our customisation options, too.

What Sets Reel Tech Apart Regarding Static Grounding Reels?

We stand out from the competition for reasons including the following.

  • We design our products with safety in mind. Our reels feature explosion-proof motors, non-sparking ratchet assemblies, and a broad range of rewind options. Therefore, they are perfect for the protection of your workers, vehicles, clients, and assets.
  • Our products are heavy-duty. We use materials such as high-grade aluminium and galvanised stainless steel to manufacture reels that will likely outlast the vehicle to which they’re fitted. Purchase our solutions, and you can feel confident that you’ll save money by cutting down on quality-related issues.

Related Services We Provide Related to Static Grounding Reels

Some of our most sought-after services and products include:

  • Fire Dog™ hose reels. Our Fire Dog™ hose reels are ergonomically designed exclusively for the fire-fighting industry. They also feature an easy-deploy gear system and safety features including the Follow-Me hose guide.
  • Custom reels. We serve industries including mining, aviation, maritime, industrial, sewer and jetting, power utilities, and food and beverage processing. You can always trust that we possess the experience to design and manufacture a reel to meet your unique specifications.

Why You Should Use Reel Tech

All our high-grade reels either meet or surpass Australia’s strict quality and safety regulations. In addition, we manufacture them in Australia, operating nationwide as well as in New Zealand. Whether you need to accessorise your reels or purchase a new one to bolster workplace safety and efficiency, we’re the obvious choice. Call us today for more information.