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Reel Tech, an Australian and New Zealand based company and a member of the Spray Nozzle Engineering group, is a specialist in industrial hose reels and cable reels. Reel Tech is the exclusive Hannay reel distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Reel Tech offers an extensive range of patented hose reel solutions, accessories, backed-up with exceptional technical advice. Reel Tech custom made hose reels and accessories are available for many industries such as: mining, defence, fire, food / beverage, paper, petroleum, steel, agricultural and pharmaceutical. Find more about Reel Tech

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Our Hose Reels Are Made of Only The Highest-Quality Material

At Reel Tech, we understand how important it is to provide quality hose reels that get the job done. We know that a reliable hose reel can help maintain your hoses so that they last longer, our products were designed to meet your requirements and if you have any unique requests, we can manufacture custom reels.

What Sets Us apart Regarding Our Hose Reels

We pride ourselves in being there for all our customers no matter their requests or demands; we aim to be your all-in-one reel manufacturer and supplier. Our years of experiences have given us insight into what makes our customers happy. Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • We offer stainless steel, painted and galvanised hose reels.
  • We can manufacture custom hose reels to suit your needs. If you have any specific reel designs to help make your workspace a more comfortable place, we work with you to bring those designs into reality.
  • We focus on high-quality customer service to make sure that you get precisely what you need. We provide this service to ensure that you are comfortable with your purchase and if you have any questions, we are always available to assist so that you have everything you require to make an informed decision.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Hose Reels

We have provided many companies and businesses with our quality hose reels, and in that time, we have learned many useful tips that can benefit all our customers. The following are helpful tips to get more value out of your hose reels.

  • Our custom reels provide proper care and maintenance to your hoses when stored. We stock one of the most extensive standard ranges of hose and cable reel designs in the world to prevent bends, knotting and even accidental tears.
  • Mount your reel well to prevent it from falling and breaking. If you have an ideal place to put your hose reel, ensure that it is adequately fastened so that nothing happens while you use it.

Contact us and find out what our reels can do for you.