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Firedog datasheet

Fire Dog Hose Reels

Ergonomically designed to deliver intuitive operation and improve safety

Engineered and made in Australia, Fire Dog™ hose reels are ergonomically designed to deliver intuitive operation and improve safety. First in firefighting hose reels with safe direct drive technology and Flat Winder™ level wind system.

Reel Tech accessories for Pitbull

PitBull Reels

Heavy duty compact safer direct drive reel system

The Pit Bull™ is a world-patented, all Australian designed and made direct drive hose reel, that combines unmatched flexibility in size and capacity, that incorporates a unique gearbox that assists towards a safe rewind speed.

Pit Bull Manual Crank Rewind 2017

Pitbull SR Reels

EHeavy Duty Direct Drive Reeling System Engineered for Reliability and Safety

Reel Tech’s range of Pit Bull SR™ hose reels are designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. The reels are derived and shares its DNA from the renowned Pit Bull™ mining series reels. It incorporates the same patented Direct Drive Safe-R-Reel™ gearbox & more.

Reeltuff datasheet

ReelTuff Reels

Weed spray hose management remote control hose reel

If you are looking for the longevity and reliability in your weed spraying hose storage, look no further than Reel Tuff Remote Control Reels. Highest quality galvanised construction will continue to work alongside you in all weather conditions.

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Industrial Hose Reels

Mining Hose & Cable Reels

Stainless Steel Reels

Spray & Pressure Washing Reels

Audio, Video & Communication Reels

Pumper/Cleaner Reels

Floater Hose Reels

Corrosive Chemical Hose Reels

Static Grounding Reels

Industrial Reel Bolt On Enhancements

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