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Turf Care & Grounds Maintenance

/Turf Care & Grounds Maintenance

Turf Care & Grounds Maintenance Hose Reel Rewind Options and Hose Sizes

1/4” – 1/2” I.D.
Hannay E1500 – Medium duty
Hannay E6000 – Heavy duty
– Reel Tuff ERT15 – Heavy duty remote control

3/4” I.D.
Hannay E1800 – Medium duty
Hannay E6000 – Heavy duty

3/5” – 5/8” I.D.
Hannay SNC – Non corrosive

1” I.D.
Hannay E4000 – Medium duty
Hannay E6000 – Heavy duty

1-1/4” – 1-1/2”  I.D.
Hannay E7500 – Heavy duty

2”  I.D.
Hannay E8000 – Heavy duty

1/4” – 1/2” I.D.
– Hannay 1000 – Light duty
Hannay 1500 – Medium duty
Hannay 6000 – Heavy duty
– Reel Tuff MRT15 – Heavy duty

3/5” – 5/8” I.D.
Hannay SNC – Non corrosive

3/8” – 1/2”  I.D.
Hannay 1100 – Portable on wheels

1/2” – 1”  I.D.
Hannay AT1200 – Portable on wheels

3/4” I.D.
Hannay 1800 – Medium duty
Hannay 6000 – Heavy duty

1” I.D.
Hannay 3000 – Medium duty
Hannay 4000 – Medium duty
Hannay 6000 – Heavy duty

1-1/4” – 1-1/2”  I.D.
Hannay 3500
Hannay 7500

Reel Tech supplies hose reels for the turf care and grounds maintenance industry. Hose reels are manufactured in heavy duty steel construction, painted or galvanised for maximum weather protection. Our manual, electric, spring and air hose reels are ideal for maintenance of: parks, golf courses, council and road side landscapes.

We offer a large range of hose reels and offer custom reeling systems to suit varied applications. Our hose reels are built strong with longevity in mind, require minimal maintenance, and provide a lifetime of value.

Weed spray
Grounds maintenance
Pest control
Tree spraying
Pesticides, herbicides
Watering and fertilising

See some of Reel Tuff and Hannay Hose Reel applications in the grounds maintenance industry:

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