• flat winder - Automatic hose layering storage technology by Reel Tech

    Flat Winder™ - Automatic hose layering

    Minimise injuries. Reduce hose damage. Increase productivity

flat winder - Automatic hose layering storage technology by Reel Tech


Automatic hose layering storage technology by Reel Tech

Flat-Winder™ is an automatic hose layering technology that is readily adapted to any reel for efficient easy layering of hose during storage. To minimise injuries, reduce hose damage and increase productivity.

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  • Can be retrofitted to most reel systems
  • Easily installed on any spool width
  • Easy speed changes for various hose diameters
  • Guide can be de-latched for easy payout
  • More reliable & consistent hose layering
  • Requires less personnel for hose storage duties
  • Optional aluminium construction for reduced weight
  • OH&S friendly


Townsville Concrete Cleaning posted the video below showing our Flat Winder™ level wind and remote control hose reel systems effectively and efficiently cleaning concrete in Townsville, Australia. Designed for single user operations, Reel tech’s remote controlled level wind series was adopted by one of North Queensland’s largest government contracting cleaners, Townsville Concrete Cleaning. Greg Knibb’s company operates overnight services to local and government municipalities, so time efficiency and reliability are critical. Greg says:

“The team at Reel Tech make a great product. Labour saving and increased productivity is what I was chasing by investing in the remotely operated electric reel, and that is exactly what I got. Six months on, and I could not be happier.”

If you have a different hose storage application, speak to the hose reel solution experts. Thanks to the professional team at TCC for their permission to use this video.


Efficient, jam-free layering of hose during storage

Typically to rewind hose onto a hose reel, a person is required to help guide the hose back onto the reel to ensure a neat wrap is achieved. The neat wrap helps ensure that the maximum amount of hose can be stored. This means that when long lengths of hose are to be stored on the hose reel, at least two operators are required to rewind the hose back onto the hose reel. As many operations are looking at minimising personnel in the tasks, removing one of the tasks was looked at.

Enter, the Flat-Winder™, a device engineered to guide the hose neatly backed onto the spool of the reel; the system ensures that the maximum hose length capacity can be stored in the most space-saving fashion without any human error or intervention.

Remotely Controlled Flat-Winder™

Accommodating the increasing need to access a hose remotely, a Flat-Winder™ system capable of being controlled remotely an optional progress available to make hose reel needs easier.

Corrosion Resistant Flat-Winder™

Accommodating the increasing need to use a hose reel amongst the rigours of seaside use, a fully functioning corrosion resistant Flat-Winder™ unit has been engineered to accommodate.

Multi-Kilometre Cable Flat-Winder™

Broadening reel horizons onto unconventional areas, Reel Tech engineered a fully functioning Flat-Winder™ capable of controlling multiple kilometres of cable, whilst maintaining the maximum space saving premise.

Heavy Duty Flat-Winder™

Venturing into the typically unforgiving environments of sewage reel applications, Reel Tech provided a custom engineered solution to strengthen to Flat-Winder™ unit to the level of robustness demanded, this fully functioning Flat-Winder™ maintained the premise of maximum space saving.

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