Food & Beverage Processing

Food & Beverage Processing Hose Reel Rewind Options and Hose Sizes

1-1/2” – 3” I.D.
– CIP (Clean in place) high flow hose reels

Where sanitary or harsh environments prevail, Reel Tech – Hannay Stainless Steel Reels offer protection against contamination and corrosion. The stainless steel reels ensure no paint transfer or rusting, making them ideal for the food & beverage processing, dairy and pharmaceutical industries; applications include chemical transfer, wash down, portable water, fuelling and fire protection.

In hose handling applications, excessive spring rewind speed can result from misuse causing significant safety issues. The impact from the rapidly moving hose can strike users or objects, resulting in unnecessary injury or damage.

Such issues can be significantly reduced with the Safe-R-Reel® Rewind Speed Control System from Reel-Tech. As the Safe-R-Reel® reduces rewind speed, it also reduces the risks of injury, equipment damage, down time and hose wear associated with excessive rewind speed.

Various models of the Hannay Stainless Steel reels are the narrow-frame model, ideal for confined spaces, heavy-duty models ideal for industrial, off-shore settings and compact reel models, ideal for pressure washing. The stainless steel reels can handle ¼ inch to 1 inch hose diameters and are available are either spring or manual rewind functionality.

Hydraulic/pneumatic tools and machinery
Hydro-Seeding & Grounds Maintenance
Potable water
Food processing
Gas welding
In-plant firefighting
Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
Fuel, lubrication, chemical transfer
Electric cable for lights, tools, machinery

Ideal for food & beverage processing.

See some of  our hose reel applications in the food and beverage processing industry:

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