Mining Hose Reel Rewind Options and Hose Sizes

1/4” – 3/8” I.D.
Hannay N500

1/4” – 3/4” I.D. Dual Hose
Hannay N600 – Narrow frame
Hannay 600 – Channel frame

1/4” – 1/2” I.D.
Hannay N700 – Narrow frame
Hannay 700 – Channel frame

3/4” – 1” I.D.
Hannay N800 – Narrow frame
Hannay 800 – Channel frame

1-1/4” – 1 -1/2” I.D.
Hannay N900 – Narrow frame
Hannay 900 – Channel frame

2”  I.D.
Hannay 2-900

Reel Tech’s mining hose reels help keep your crew safe and productive. Use them for storing vital equipment like electric cable for lighting, communication, and power tools, and keep hoses and other lines ready for quick unwinding when needed. Every one of our hose reels is built to customer specs – never retrofitted – guaranteeing a perfect fit and unsurpassed performance for years to come.

For safety underground, underwater, and above ground, you need equipment you can count on. Our hose reels enjoy worldwide use and acceptance because of their durability and dependability. Each reel is custom designed and constructed of heavy-gauge steel with exclusive features like ribbed discs and dual bearing and dual frame support, which help absorb the punishment delivered by the most demanding applications.
Reel Tech offers a range of Hannay Reels spring re-wind hose reels ideal for the mining industry
The Hannay 700 Series and 800 Series feature a single hose, re-wind reel construction, which is available in two frame configurations.  The standard ‘N’ series of the 700 & 800 Series has a narrow frame and compact mounting base, ensuring maximum multiple reel placement in a minimum of space; a roll formed frame for heavy-duty applications is available upon request.

On the 700 & 800 Series, a heavy-duty, spring re-wind motor provides self-contained re-wind power. A non-sparking ratchet assembly locks the reel when the desired length of hose has been payed out; a pull of the hose unlocks the reel and the spring motor retracts the hose.

Ideal for bulk transfer, fuel dispensing and suction/discharge, the Hannay 900 Series Reels operate at pressures up to 600 psi. All Hannay 700, 800 and 900 Series Reels come with a full stainless rolled drum as standard.
Count on our hose reels for:

Safety lines
Air / water lines
Service / lube hose for heavy off-road equipment
Gas / arc welding

Vacuum / suction
Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
Fuel, lubrication, chemical transfer
Electric cable for remote lighting, generators
Video inspection

Waste oil evacuation
Blasting / slurry
Sensor lines
Hydraulic / pneumatic power tools

See some of Hannay and Pit Bull Hose Reel applications in the mining industry:

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