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Aviation Hose Reel Rewind Options and Hose Sizes

1”  I.D.
Hannay V-6000
– Reel Tuff MRTI25

1” – 1-1/2”  I.D.
Hannay V-1-1/2
– Reel Tuff MRTI40

2”  I.D.
Hannay V-2
– Reel Tuff MRTI50

3”  I.D.
Hannay V-3

4”  I.D.
Hannay V-4

1/4” – 3/8” I.D. Dual Hose
Hannay N600 – Narrow frame

1” I.D.
Hannay V-N800 – Narrow frame
Hannay V-800 – Channel frame

1-1/4” – 1 -1/2” I.D.
Hannay V-900

1” I.D.
Hannay V-A6000
– Reel Tuff ARTI25 – Direct drive

1-1/4” – 1-1/2”  I.D.
Hannay V-A1-1/2
Hannay V-A5100 – Single wrap
– Reel Tuff ARTI40 – Direct drive

2”  I.D.
Hannay V-A2
Hannay V-A5200 – Single wrap
– Reel Tuff ARTI50 – Direct drive

3”  I.D.
Hannay V-A3
Hannay V-A5300 – Single wrap

4”  I.D.
Hannay V-A4

1” I.D.
Hannay V-E6000
– Reel Tuff ERTI25 – Direct drive

1-1/4” – 1-1/2”  I.D.
Hannay V-E1-1/2
Hannay V-E5100 – Single wrap
– Reel Tuff ERTI40 – Direct drive

2”  I.D.
Hannay V-E2
Hannay V-E5200 – Single wrap
– Reel Tuff ERTI50 – Direct drive

3”  I.D.
Hannay V-E3
Hannay V-E5300 – Single wrap

4”  I.D.
Hannay V-E4

1” I.D.
Hannay V-HD6000
– Reel Tuff HDRTI25 – Direct drive

1-1/4” – 1-1/2”  I.D.
Hannay V-HD1-1/2
Hannay V-HD5100 – Single wrap
– Reel Tuff HDRTI40 – Direct drive

2”  I.D.
Hannay V-HD2
Hannay V-HD5200 – Single wrap
– Reel Tuff HDRTI50 – Direct drive

3”  I.D.
Hannay V-HD3
Hannay V-HD5300 – Single wrap

4”  I.D.
Hannay V-HD4

Choose the aviation hose reels proven in airports around the world
The quality of our heavy-duty, handcrafted reels has made Hannay Reels the number one choice of aviation OEMs. Available for countless applications, our reels fit worldwide specs, yet are individually designed and built to meet your specific requirements. Whether in the hangar or on the field, you can rely on our reels to improve productivity, increase safety, and keep your operation running smoothly.

Reel Tech has been servicing the aviation industry over the last 25 years. The group offers a range of high quality, heavy duty hose reels in many rewind options such as: manual, spring, air, electric and hydraulic. Materials of construction available are steel painted, aluminium and stainless steel.

“Our client required a customised aviation hose reel for an Oxygen and Nitrogen Recharging Cart”, explains Reel Tech. “We concluded that a high pressure spring rewind hose reel would be ideal for this application. We fitted our patented Safe-R-Reel™ spring rewind speed reducer to protect operators and aircraft, and increase the service life of the hose, thus avoiding expensive, premature hose replacement costs. This resulted in a hose reel system guaranteed to endure the harshest conditions and deliver high pressure performance”. The Safe-R-Reel™ is also the ideal solution for remote site refuelling applications where an external power source is not available to rewind the reel.

Proven in the world’s largest airports, Hannay aviation reels have become an industry standard. With their standard range including refuelling, remote site refuelling, oxygen and nitrogen recharging, sensing, static grounding, and airport hydrant fuelling operations, Reel Tech offers cable and industrial hose reels for any aviation, airfield or airport application.

Whether in the hangar or on the field, you can rely on their reels to improve productivity, increase safety, and keep your operation running smoothly. Standard finishes include stainless steel mill finish and high performance enamel in a wide range of colours.

Aircraft servicing and maintenance
Washdown and portable water
Hydrant and mobile refuelling
Sensing and grounding
Firefighting and rescue
Pressurised air/nitrogen
DEF for service vehicles
Hangar operations

See some of  Hannay and Pit Bull Hose Reel applications in the aviation industry:

Enquire about these reels

  • Auto declutching system

    EZI-Deploy is a fully automatic hose declutching system to safely and effortlessly handle hose reels with minimal drag resistance.  Reels with rewind motors are becoming more widely utilised, despite the ease of now having a motor rewind the reel for you, retrieving the hose and overcoming the added load of the motor is required great effort. Reel Tech™ has removed this problem by engineering a clutch to disengage the motor, and thus return your reel to Ezi-Deploy functionality. These clutches are capable to be remotely installed or factory fitted to help your reeling application.
  • Wireless remote control

    Cut response times and increase safety with frequency hopping technology. This feature allows for safer single user operation and increased productivity.
  • Automatic hose layering storage technology by Reel Tech

    Flat-Winder™ is an automatic hose layering technology that is readily adapted to any reel for efficient easy layering of hose during storage. To minimise injuries, reduce hose damage and increase productivity.

  • Rewind Speed Control System

    Reel Tech’s patented Safe-R-Reel™ easy bolt-on brake cassette ensures a controlled speed during rewind to minimise injuries and hose damage. 

    Stainless Steel Safe-R-Reel™, proudly Australian made and patented is carefully constructed to make winding and rewinding of the heavy-duty water hose quick and efficient. The Safe-R-Reel™ provides tidy hose storage and protection. Not to mention, excessive spring rewind speed can result from misuse causing safety issues. The impact from the rapidly moving hose can strike users, resulting in unnecessary injury. Such issues can be significantly reduced with the Safe-R-Reel™ Rewind Speed Control; it reduces the risks of injury, equipment damage, down time and hose wear associated with excessive rewind speed.
  • Swivelling hose guide for Flatwinder system

    Market’s first multi-directional swivelling hose guide allows flexible use at any angle. A safer hose handling solution that reduces hose jam and damage.

  • Weed spray hose management remote control hose reel

    If you are looking for the longevity and reliability in your weed spraying hose storage, look no further than Reel Tuff Remote Control Reels. Highest quality galvanised construction will continue to work alongside with you in all weather conditions. Ideal for use in both low and high pressure spraying duties in Golf Courses, Council Parks, Urban Landscapes and Roadside Care. With ergonomic and safety features like Reel-In-ControlTM Remote and Safe-R-ReelTM maintenance free Non-Belt/Chain Direct Drive System as standard, the Reel Tuff reels are designed for both professionals and owner-operators alike.
  • Heavy duty compact safer direct drive reel system

    The Pit Bull™ is a world-patented, all Australian designed and made direct drive hose reel, that combines unmatched flexibility in size and capacity, that incorporates a unique gearbox that assists towards a safe rewind speed. Reel Tech has designed and manufactured a range of hose reels utilising smart modular design, this design method allows for components to be shared amongst a family of reels, allowing for standard parts to suit various widths, heights, hose bend radius, hose capacity’s, riser configurations, inlets and outlets to suit customers specific needs with ease. The new expanded range is now available to suit most common hose sizes from 1/2” to 2” I.D.
  • Hannay Reels: The Industry Choice

    Designed to spec and built of the highest quality materials, Hannay Reels stand up to the most demanding conditions of any industry. Hannay offers thousands of hose and cable reels that help improve efficiency, productivity, and safety in your operation by keeping hoses and cables organised and off the floor. The heavy-duty design and construction ensure that they outlast the competition and save you money. And bolted-on components and conveniently located swivel joints make servicing our reels quick and trouble-free.

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