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Stainless Steel Reels

Hannay stainless steel reels get the job done fast.

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stainlessbSeries SSN700: The SSN700 are a spring rewind, stainless steel reel that offers a narrow frame for compact mounting.

Series SSN800 & SS800: The SSN800 and SS800 are a single hose, spring rewind, stainless steel reel are available in two frame configurations. The standard N series has a narrow frame and compact mounting base. The square tubing frame for heavy-duty applications is available in the SS 800 series.

Series SS1500/SS1800/SS4000: The SS1500, SS1800 and SS4000 series are stainless steel, manual rewind reels. Hannay’s strong, stainless steel reels are designed for long lengths of hose. These compact reels are exceptionally versatile and able to meet your special requirements.

Series SS1000: The SS1000 are a stainless steel, manual rewind reel. Lightweight yet ruggedly built reels industry-designed to fit compact spaces. Ideal for small, mobile steam cleaning and pressure wash units as well as permanent installations.

Series SS3000: The SS1000 are a stainless steel, manual rewind reel, for long lengths of hose. Ideal for washdown, marine and fire protection applications.



Count on Hannay Stainless Steel Reels for:

- Washdown or Chemical Transfer
- Potable Water or Food Processing
- Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
- Fueling, Fire Protection
- Dairy Operations and Bottling Plants

Stainless Steel Reels

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