Announcing the release of new patent to one of the greatest innovations in the hose and cable reel industry

Reel Tech, the Australian leader manufacturer and supplier of hose and cable reels, has been granted a 20 year Australian Patent for its automatically releasable hose reel assembly.

EZI-Deploy™ is a fully automatic hose declutching system to safely handle hose reels with minimal drag resistance.

Despite the ease of having a motor that rewinds the reel for you, retrieving the hose and overcoming the added load of the motor requires a great effort.

Reel Tech has removed this problem by engineering a clutch to disengage the motor, and thus ease the deploy of your hose through the Ezi-Deploy technology. These clutches are capable to be remotely installed or factory fitted to help your reeling application.

No levers, buttons, or electronics required. Just pull and go!

EZI-Deploy is a critical add-on for longer hose lengths and larger 1”, 11/2” and 2” hoses and can easily retrofit to existing reels. It’s a clutch system that offers smooth reel operation to minimise operator injuries and reduce the excessive force that can prematurely damage equipment.

As an innovation and technology leader, Reel Tech holds a range of patents that aim to facilitate hose and cable handling while increasing safety in the workplace. Find out more about these great applications and addons here and upgrade to our latest technology that helps reduce injuries, downtime, hose wear and equipment damage.

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